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Hi, I’m Cory.

I'm a Designer and graduate from the Rhode island school of Design. 

I’ve worked at Katerra, Kerf Design, and Textron Aviation. Although I have a diverse background, my pivot to UX Design is to walk the path of solving more complicated problems while working with many types of designers and engineers.

I’ve always been a Designer.

I’m a multi-disciplinary creative raised in New Jersey, educated in Rhode Island, and I’ve have been living and working in Seattle for 5 years. Growing up, I was always creating or inventing something new and construction paper became construction tools as I began building furniture and other objects from wood and metal. UX is just another medium to distill lots of information in to mindful and intentional solutions. 

There is a magic involved with UX Design.

This magic could be grabbing lunch at an Amazon Go store without checking out at the register or Siri pausing music to read a text from a friend while I’m on a run. When a designer combines intuitive interactions with technologies like IoT or virtual reality, this is where I believe the real magic happens. This combination suspends disbelief, changes how we interact with our environment, and invites us to discover something new about ourselves. 

Some Kind Words ─

I had the privilege of watching Cory grow exponentially from a recent graduate to a skilled designer. Within the first year, Cory was working directly with clients and handling 15-20 projects at a time. In addition to his own work, he wore many hats by managing sales and estimates, technical drawings, and even took it upon himself to make improvements to Kerf’s website and  E-commerce experience. I could trust Cory with a very large workload. His grit and drive enabled him to juggle all of the details, stress, and responsibility like a professional. Not everyone is able to do that.

Shara Lee, Kerf Design

Product Work:

2019    Industrial Design with Katerra

2015    Design with Kerf Design

2014    Industrial Design with Textron Aviation