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Seattle Patch App

A community garden is fundamentally a community building activity bringing neighbors together to steward (plan, plant, and maintain) open space in their neighborhood. Traditionally community gardens in Seattle include individual plots for which community members pay a small fee, while common areas in the garden are maintained by all plot holders. 


UX, UI, Visual Design


Most major metropolitan areas host community gardens. Seattle is recognized as a leader and is one of the largest.

P-Patch is the name given to community gardens in Seattle that are managed by Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Program. Members practice organic gardening techniques and plant a mix of food crops, flowers, herbs, fruiting bushes & trees.

The Numbers


Seattle Website Architecture and Experience.

Get informed and sign up. 

To get an idea of how the registration process for a P-Patch garden works, I thought I’d get my own garden plot. I thoroughly broke down the websites architecture to fully understand their goals.

P-Patch Organizations Goals

  • Grow Community.
  • Practice organic gardening.
  • Feed the hungry.

Pain Points

Disconnected Information
Many individual P-Patch communities have their own private websites with no links to eachother. Communites should have the ability to connect with eachother and also have the ability to represent themselves as they’d like.

Complicated Registration
The registration process includes an online sign-up form, emails, phone calls, and snail mail for payment. There should be a system where registration, orientation, and payment can all be done with a singular platform. 



How can gardeners better connect to facilitate a stronger community?

What features can educate gardeners to improve food security?

How can Seattle help community gardeners to increase donations to food banks?



Patch app can be a place to share advice and facilitate a way to post evens and communicate with the entire community.
The platform can be a place to share gardening advice and recipes to encourage healthful food options and choices.
The platform can be a place to track donations and inspire more people to do so. 

Initial notes

Information Architecture

Initial UI and Wireframe


Home is where users can see the latest updates for their local P-Patch community.


Registration, information, and yearly membership fees in one place. 

  • The curent method of joining a Seattle P-Patch plot filling out an online form to be on a waitlist. You can expect to wait 1 to 2, if not 3 years for a P-Patch plot!

  • You then recieve emails from designated garden managers, mail a paper form with a check in the mail to the City of Seattle.

  • Registration, application, and yearly membership fees could be organized on one digital platform. Waitlisted members would also have opportunity to learn and gain interest about there new community.

My Garden

Maximize your gardens growth.

My Garden lets the user track the growth and plants that are planted in their physical garden plot.

The timeline function is a way identify the best planting and harvesting dates for the upcoming gardening season. Users can limit the timeline to each plant, month, or garden function.


An Almanac & Encyclopedia

The Toolkit is Patch’s form an encyclopedia to inform users about best methods to grow crops in the Pacfic Northwest. This Includes a long list of crops, tips and advice, and also food banks near your location that will accept fresh donations.


Connect and share 

Home is where users can see the latest updates for their local P-Patch community. Here they can view upcoming volunteering events, recipes posted from fellow gardeners, and other notifications about your own phyiscal garden.